Our practices appreciate how we help them thrive while still maintaining their identity and medical freedom, and they are happy to tell you about their experiences. Please contact us if you'd like to speak to a veterinarian, manager, or staff member at one of our practices.

Hospital Manager Marsha with Dr. Wallace

"We decided to sell to VetCor partly because our presale discussions were very open, honest, and consistent. We did not find that with other practice buyers. Since the sale, VetCor has helped us to make improvements to the animal hospital. We are very happy that we decided to sell to VetCor, have never questioned our decision and would highly recommend VetCor to other practice owners."

— Dr. Lee Wallace and his wife Marsha Wallace, Montvale Animal Hospital, Montvale, NJ


Gretchen Zarle, DVM

"Most of the time, I still feel like the owner but I have less financial and management headache! Best of all, my clients have no idea that the practice was sold, because they see us continuing to practice with the same caring and standards that we always have. Communication is easy and open with VetCor and they are very responsive to our needs and situations."

— Dr. Gretchen Zarle, Chief of Staff, Bartels Pet Hospital, Brecksville, OH

Debra Cirlincione, Hospital Manager"VetCor does not "force" anything on your hospital. Yet they are there to guide you through any changes your hospital may want to make, and/or small changes that can help you and your team make your hospital its best. It actually seems very important to them that their hospitals maintain their own unique charms and identities."

— Debra Cirlincione, Hospital Manager, Livingston Animal Hospital, Livingston, NJ

Tracy de la Navarre"The best part about the Vetcor Team is the networking and sharing of information and feedback. It's not competitive or secret. I have found it extremely helpful from a practical standpoint. Hands down, one of the best companies to work for!"

— Tracy de la Navarre, Hospital Manager, Animal House of Chicago, Chicago, IL


Mark Russo, VMD, DACVIM"When it was time to consider a sale, my practice had been around for almost 70 years. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think how fortunate I am to have VetCor as our corporate partner. From the very beginning of negotiations to this very moment VetCor has emphasized how much they wanted us to keep doing what we were doing well. VetCor's culture is warm, authentic, congenial and emphasizes doing the right thing."

— Dr. Mark Russo, Kingston Animal Hospital, Kingston, MA