Life at VetCor





We have a comprehensive program of activities and initiatives to help our employees elevate their professional success, individual wellbeing, and personal connection to our internal and external community and purpose.


Focusing on the professional success of our employees for a meaningful work life

Wheaton award photoGreat People – We have an exceptional reputation and team that helps our practices find more terrific people to join their efforts, fit their styles, and orient successfully in a new practice and team environment.

Career Development – Facilitating skill development and career growth through leveraging the skills our employees can share with each other, opens up new career avenues for veterinarians, managers, technicians, and more. Check out some success stories here!

Feedback – Collecting feedback from all levels allows us to continuously improve the employee experience as well as the support and connection among our practices.

Collaboration – Combining the interests, strengths, and support of over 3,000 dedicated veterinary professionals creates an unbelievably strong resource. Our teams network in person and online to share best practices, past experiences, and new initiatives or development options.



Levittown Team Jumping - Wellbeing Supporting personal wellbeing to help our practices thrive

Physical – Encouraging our teams to invest in their own good health with activity challenges, nutritional workshops, preventive care tips, and the like aligns with the care and advice they deliver to patients and clients every day.

Emotional – Patient Care and Client Care are immensely rewarding but challenging as well. We help our teams find ways to create positive and healthy work environments, including regular wellness activities and goals.

Financial – Progressive compensation, strong benefits options, addition earning and advancement opportunities, and financial education support help our employees manage financial wellbeing for themselves and their families.



Doing more together through company connection

Littleton team photoCommunity – We continually recognize and celebrate the successes and contributions of our outstanding employees in their local communities and in the overall profession. Check out our Blog here!

Appreciation – Recognizing and celebrating the daily contributions, career milestones and personal successes of colleagues and coworkers validates their hard work and commitment.

Networking – Networking among our wonderful and accomplished team members is thrilling and powerful! We love to facilitate connections among our groups through leadership get-togethers, VMA meetings and trade shows around the country.