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Affordable Pet Care Veterinary clinic, Tulsa's trusted veterinary clinic since 1956, is where you'll find the most experienced veterinarians, providing the best medical care for your family's cats and dogs, using the latest technology, at the very best prices.  We are proud of our all-digital x-ray systems, complete dental services, in-house blood chemistry and hematology lab, guaranteed best pricing from our complete pharmacy, and so much more.  Whether your pet is struggling with dental problems, a broken bone, hip dysplasia, a torn ACL, or just needs a spay or neuter, we're here for you with payment plans that can put excellent care within your reach today.

Most importantly, we want you to pick us to be your pet's primary care provider.  When you do pick us, then all kinds of great deals are available to you, like the discounted office exams and x-ray services listed below.

Office Exams are just $38** for our PCP clients ($48 for non-PCP):
Our office exams are anything but 'routine'.  They are complete exams led by a veterinarian who has a lot of experience.  Experience translates directly into lower costs for you, because experience is what drives better diagnostics and higher quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost. Of course, if your pet requires extensive diagnostic work, has multiple health issues, or needs other services outside the standard exam, then extra charges will of course apply.

Vaccines start at just $10.00,
with or without a comprehensive exam
A comprehensive exam is the best way to keep your pet healthy, but we won't force you to get one.  You can come by anytime for our vaccine clinic services (called Lobby Visits) where a nurse will provide most vaccines at the vaccine only price plus a minimal nurse consult fee. Example pricing:

  • Rabies Vaccination $10.00
  • Distemper, Parvo $15.00
  • Bordetella (for Kennel Cough) $15.00

If you ever find a better price elsewhere on vaccines, please tell us!

Unlimited x-rays are just $85** per series for our PCP clients:
If your pet is limping or a bone may be broken, and x-rays are needed, then our all-digital X-Ray package includes as many xrays as we need to take at your first exam.  Unlike other clinics, this fee is not per image, which will easily save you hundreds of dollars on your first visit.  This pricing is intentionally set well below every other clinic in Tulsa so that you can obtain the most comprehensive diagnostic service possible right up front.  Note that if your pet is uncooperative during x-rays, then please plan for additional sedations costs to reduce your pet's stress level.

Of course, just as with any human medical office visit, if your pet needs treatment like medications, anesthesia, lab tests, surgery, etc, then the additional services and their costs will be discussed with you prior to being performed.

Call anytime to schedule an appointment.

Our Location:
Just 10 minutes (all highway) from most parts of South Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, and Catoosa

Easy Directions:  Take I-44 or Highway 169 to the 11th Street exit, and go East to 13111 East 11th.  We are exactly one mile East of I44 on 11th Street.

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918-437-6735  or

Affordable Pet Care Veterinary Clinic
13111 East 11th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74108


** If your pet already has another primary care provider, and you just need access to our services on a one-time or infrequent basis, then exams are $48.  These higher fees cover coordination with and records transfer to your primary vet, referrals to a specialist, providing a script to a 3rd party pharmacy, and more.  Alternatively, if you decide to pick us to be your pet's primary care provider, then we'll support you with the very best pricing possible all year long.

We now offer Easy Payment Plans
to help our clients as long as we are your Primary Care provider! Call for qualification details.

Call us anytime!
We're frequently in the office evenings and weekends.